Constitution - Art 3 Value System


3. Value System

Our fundamental belief is:

We proclaim to love God with all our heart, soul and mind, to love and respect ourselves and in turn others.

And supporting beliefs are:

  • While remaining respectful of its history, Good Hope MCC aspires to move with the times within a modern society.
  • Every person in the church has been blessed with unique gifts and talents. We are called to use these for the benefit of the community and in so doing fulfill God's purpose.

Our responsibilities thus are to:

  • Share
    Share our blessings with one another
  • Declare
    Display our faith without shame
  • Defend
    Stand up for our beliefs
  • Expand
    Work towards the expansions of God's realm
  • Rejoice
    Be joyful in realm of God
  • Serve
    To be of service to God and all God's people
  • Minister
    To facilitate personal, spiritual growth and life-skills of all individuals

Proclamation of intent:

The Church and the Congregation will:

  • listen to and respect every opinion
  • take a stand against injustice and that directly affects the fundamental beliefs of our community
  • provide guidance if not able to fulfill a need directly
  • welcome everybody in the Church
  • not condone bad or unbecoming conduct (see SOP's)
  • promote healthy relationships
  • not dictate spiritual beliefs or dogma, but rather facilitate and provide support with individual spiritual growth


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Good Hope MCC is an inclusive Christian Community in Cape Town, South Africa. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender:
You are made in God's image and are welcome at our Church!