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"We are an inclusive COMMUNITY that offers vibrant WORSHIP and TRANSFORMATIVE ministry that leads to SOCIAL ACTION" 

COMMUNITY - from building relationships through social events to offering hospitality at worship servies. We provide pastoral counselling and have virtual chats via Google meet. Regular newsletters keep you informed of the many opportunities to become part of our family. See our Communication page.

WORSHIP - you can become part of the music team or help set up the communion table, welcome people at the door or become a worship leader resposible for the planning of the service. There is always a need for technical folk who can help at the sound desk. We welcome different voices to read the scripture or share a justice concern when we light the candle of hope. There's a prayer team that holds the service in prayer. 

TRANSFORMATION - our biblestudies create space for learning and a safe space for sharing your point of view. Quest is a new members course that gives you an opportunity to learn about our values and who we are. We have a library with helpful resources around spirituality and sexuality. We also have "holy conversations" around various topics. 

SOCIAL ACTION - our community participates at various LGBTIQA+ events to challenge homophobia, biphobia and trans phobia. We provide education on God's embracing compassion and acceptance of ALL people no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 

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Good Hope MCC celebrates the many milestones people have in their lives, be it the blessing of their new born or adopted child, or annointing their new home, baptism whether adult or child, memorial for loved ones in death or divorce, and of course the joy of a wedding, renaming ceremony for Trans gender people etc. 

It is our belief that every moment matters and is to be marked as sacred


It is truly a privilege and joy to celebrate this important moment in a couple's life, whether they are straight or gay, transgender or gender fluid.

This day is YOUR special day, and our pastor will meet with you to help design the wedding ceremony in just the way you envisaged it.

We also do renewal of vows, and when a relationship has traveled its full course and now each person needs to go their separate ways, we like to honor the relationship that was and pray a blessing upon the journeys of each individuals path going forward. It is healing to have healthy closure and acceptance before moving on.


One could have many types of blessing ceremonies. It could be a you move into a new home, adopting a child, having a new pet, acknowledging a precious friendship, celebrating a special birthday, a new job etc.

Once again it marks the sacredness of the moment and reminds one that your journey matters and is held by the grace of God.

COMMUNION is an open table where EVERYONE is welcome, no matter your belief, background, sexual- orientation, gender expression or identity.

CHRIST WELCOMES ALL PEOPLE and WHO YOU ARE is what matters most. So come, feast with a wonderfully diverse people who reflect the Presence of God, each in their own quirky, queer, unique, imperfect yet beautiful way.


We have a prayer ministry WhatsApp group where everyone is welcome to join. We use this group to share our prayer needs so that all on the group can collectively pray. We have been blessed to see many answered prayers. Should you wish to join this group please contact


Family comes in many different shapes and sizes. For some their pets are truly their children. The blends of family are as unique as the array of human expressions that there are. 

Love is your nature. You have the right to love and be loved. What this looks like should be an expression of who you are. We all love in different ways and the most important value here is to treat one another with the deepest respect and to give eachother room to blossom and become the best version of ourselves.


1John 4:16-17  "God is Love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us..." 

Bible Study

Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church is an inclusive church where love is our highest moral ideal and everyone is welcome. It is a welcoming and safe environment where individuals can come to learn about God and the purpose for which we were created. Bible study gatherings are one of the ways we grow as a community and learn more about God. It is a gathering place where we discuss a Bible book. The verses to read before the meeting are provided ahead of time, and at the meeting, we join to share our perspectives and learn from one another in a courteous and loving manner. It is a secure environment in which all viewpoints are respected and valued.


It is our calling to provide a safe place for people to reconcile their spirituality with their sexuality. Many have to revisit their theological foundations after being left hurt and rejected by society. This is a healing space where you can safely explore who you are and what is true for you. There is no forcing of a particular view. If you only stay a while, that's okay. We just want you to feel confident and able to stand in your own truth. 

In a Christ-like manner we offer compassion to the wounded ones, but we also challenge the ones causing the wounds. We are to be a voice for the voiceless. We aspire to be a prophetic leader that challenges injustice.

It is important to belong and to know that who you are matters. We believe that you need to feel safe enough to be yourself. We engage in various social activities. Listed below are some examples:
walks in the forest, doing a beach cleanup, watching the sunset, picnics in the park, coffee after church, family meals, visiting museums etc. 

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