An Easter Blessing

How Jesus Became a Morning Person.
I confess that I am a morning person. Perhaps, because it does take me a while to wake up, I love my quiet time in the am. I love my quiet house (my partner is not a morning person, she says it is a rule that we attract each other, and, the world favors morning people. . .)  I love my nearby gym, Starbucks and The New York Times, and my prayer time.

I wonder if Jesus was a morning person, or if he just became one that Easter morning. I think of the women. My imagination says at least one of them was a morning person, who made the reluctant others get up early as the Sabbath was ending, to dress a dead body with herbs and spices.
"Jesus Got Up" was the gospel song our choir at MCC LA used to wake us up Easter Sunday, with passion and rhythm and energy! Jesus got up, indeed. According to the story, with no witnesses, God woke him up somehow, helped him step out of his grave clothes, and folded them neatly on the bench. While it was still dark and no one even hoped for such a thing.
This Sunday, we Christians become morning people at least for one day. I will be out in the wet field on yet undeveloped part of the property of Church of the Trinity MCC, in Sarasota, Florida, helping to celebrate and serve communion at sunrise. I love arriving when it is still dark, as the scripture says, and we need artificial light to prepare. We face the rising sun, and sing those familiar songs, and, this year, help Rev. Lisa baptize some folks, "while the dew is still on the roses."
It is Easter. We need Easter this year, we need resurrection, and joy, and hope. We need to dig deeply into the wonder and mystery and power of our faith, and our beloved communities. We need to be awake, and open, and to be morning people with a Risen Jesus, for the sake of people all over the world who need love, community, faith, justice and hope.
Be blessed, MCC, and live into Easter this year with all your hearts! Christ is Risen, indeed.
Rev Elder Nancy L. WilsonAmen
Grace and Peace,
+ Nancy
Rev. Nancy Wilson
Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches

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