My Sheep Hear My Voice

This sermon was delivered by Rev. Nancy L. Wilson, on April 29, 2007, in Kingston, Jamaica at Sunshine Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church of Jamaica.

Gospel of John 10:22-30

Remarks by Rev. Nancy Wilson:
I have been so thrilled with the wonderful ways in which God has been moving among you here in Jamaica. We, in Metropolitan Community Churches worldwide, are with you every day in prayer. We salute your courage, and know that as you are daring to be the inclusive Church of Jesus Christ, here in Jamaica, God is blessing you and using you for healing and hope.

2007 Palm Sunday Sermon: Are We Fans or Followers?

By the Reverend Rev. Nancy L. Wilson
Text: Philippians 2: 5-11

The question has been posed for Palm Sunday: "Are we fans or followers?"
Jesus had a lot of fans who came out to see the parade on that first Palm Sunday. They wanted to glimpse the star of the day, to taste the flavor of the week, to be entertained by the latest itinerant prophet railing against the Roman Empire.

Devotional by Rev. Steven Pace

Delivered to the MCC Board of Elders on Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rev. Steven PaceI bring greetings and gratitude to you today from MCC of Greater Dallas and the Rev. Colleen Darraugh, as well as from the AIDS Interfaith Network in Dallas, which serves 1700 men, women, children, and teenagers who are living with HIV and AIDS.
I have been involved with MCC for 27 years. For 10 years of that time, I have served as clergy in this denomination. For 25 years of that time, I have also worked with HIV/AIDS. For all of those years, I have been in active ministry

Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an American holiday, but Dr. King belongs to the world, to history, and to people everywhere who yearn for justice and freedom. That includes us, Metropolitan Community Churches, everywhere in the world we are, and everywhere we need to be!


Reflections on the Occasion of an Execution

Saddam Hussein was hung to death in Iraq before dawn on December 30, 2006, just prior to the call to morning prayer. Though accused of many things, the conviction and death sentence were for the massacre of 148 men and boys in the town of Dujail 24 years ago.


An Advent Message from The Reverend Nancy L. Wilson

"Our willingness to surrender ourselves, to give ourselves completely to the gospel mission of Universal Love is demonstrated in our willingness to come out of closets of fear, denial and betrayal, and to wholly belong to God and to that calling. Such a moment of surrender can change our lives, and can change the church, and can change our world."
Dear MCC Friend:
It has been quite a year, and it's hard to think back to the Advent just a year ago, when I felt so new in this role as Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches.

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