Same Sex Marriages

MCC Media Release: Decision Washington Supreme Court

Metropolitan Community Churches Media Release:

Washington Supreme Court Says "No" to Equality for Same-Gender Couples and Families
Metropolitan Community Churches Express Dismay

Los Angeles -- The Washington Supreme Court has denied same-gender couples the right to have their commitments legally recognized through civil marriage. The 5-4 decision disappointed the couples involved in Andersen v. King County, along with LGBT families across the state, who have waited since the Court heard arguments on March 8, 2005.

MCC Marriage Equality Newsletter

May 2006 | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Bradley Curry, Editor

Dear MCC Friend:

Welcome to the premiere issue of MCC's brand-new  Marriage Equality Newsletter -- prepared by MCC's Marriage Equality Team.

This monthly newsletter is designed to keep you informed of news about marriage equality around the globe - and to provide a forum for you to ask questions and to share your news and stories with MCCers everywhere.

You will note that the focus of this issue is largely U.S.-centered. We want this newsletter to function as a source of international news, and we actively solicit input from our brothers and sisters around the world.

The members of the MCC Marriage Equality Team are  Rev. Pat Bumgardner (MCC New York), Rev. Neil Thomas (MCC Los Angeles), Rev. Paul Ecknes-Tucker (All God's Children MCC, Minneapolis), Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes (MCC Toronto), and Bradley Curry (MCC New York Newsletter Editor).

Welcome to our premiere issue! 


Troy Perry to Lead Valentine's Day Marriage Equality Actions

Openly Gay Human Rights Activist Rev. Troy Perry To Lead International Valentine’s Day Marriage Equality Actions

"Civil unions and domestic partnership laws are inadequate answers. Less than equal is always less than adequate," says Perry. 

Los Angeles – Veteran human rights activist Rev. Dr. Troy D. Perry will lead public events and demonstrations scheduled for hundreds of marriage bureaus around the world on Valentine's Day.

MCC Marriage Equality

Marriage News from around the World

In this issue:

  • Civil Partnership begins in Great Britain
  • South African High Court OK's Same-Sex Marriage
  • Australian MCC Leader Conducts "Illegal Gay Wedding"
  • International Marriage Actions Set for Valentine's Day 2006
  • MCC Leads The Way for Marriage Equality
  • MCC Moderator Appoints New Marriage Equality Team
  • Learn More About Marriage Equality From Our Friends At "Freedom To Marry."


GHMCC welcomes court ruling to same sex marriages

Media Release:

The members and council of Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church (GHMCC)  welcome and celebrate the recent court ruling that finally, same sex relationships have been recognised and marriage will be an option for those who so choose.

Laws on homosexuality worldwide

What are the laws on homosexuality worldwide?

Look at the map to find out about the legality of homosexuality and where same sex marriages/unions are legal or not.

In the Media

What does the Media say about the judgment regarding same sex marriages in South Africa.

We sourced for you some articles.

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