Same Sex Marriages

“For Gay-Marriage” - Public Meeting

We invite all of you to our public meeting, which will include a briefing on the Bill and strategizing of our plan of action for the upcoming weeks.


GHMCC Statement on Same Sex Marriages

Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church (GHMCC) believes that any person who wishes to enter into marriage should have the right to do so and that religious communities should have the right to decide whether or not they will provide religious services to sanctify that marriage.


Civil Union Bill - A step short of full equality for Same Sex Couples

OUT LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Well-being expresses disappointment at the Civil Union Bill which is presently before parliament. The Bill falls short of granting full marriage to same sex couples. We believe that the Bill does not honour the Constitutional Court judgment, which affirms that both the symbolic and legal equality of marriage should be extended to same sex couples. The fact that the State Legal Adviser has declined to certify the current version of the Bill, is a further cause for concern. It is against the advise of the SLA that the Ministry is pushing forward the Bill, adding further doubt to its constitutionality.

Petition to support Same Sex Marriages

OUT LGBT well-being co-ordinates a petition to prevent same sex marriages to be "watered down" to "civil unions".

Download here the draft version of the proposed Civil Union Bill.

To support the campaign, please download here the petition forms and forward them to OUT in Pretoria via fax, letter mail or courier. The forms do not need to be full, every signature counts.

OUT also encourages everybody to write letters of support to their politicians and local newspapers to make the LGBTI voice heard.

Please note, that the discussion of Same Sex Marriages is not a religious topic. No faith based organisation will be forced to sanction any same sex marriages against their beliefs, just as they are free now to decide if they would marry a heterosexual couple or not. This is a Human Rights issue and a fight for equality.

G-Speak: Civil Union Bill is contempt of Constitutional Court

The proposed "Civil Union Bill' that will be discussed by Parliament tomorrow, Sept. 6, is in clear violation of the Constitutional Court judgement of Dec. 1 2005, where it was ordered in plain language by Judge Albie Sachs that the Marriage Act should be amended by adding the words "or spouse" to the parties to a marriage.

Gay Mass Action Required!

Parliament will meet this weekend to discuss same-sex marriage. Public hearings will follow, probably next week.


Joint statement on same-sex marriage - Reaffirming our commitment to human rights

On 1 December 2005 the Constitutional Court unanimously ruled that the exclusion of same sex couples from the institution of marriage infringes their right to dignity, equality and privacy. The Court has presented Parliament with an historic opportunity to deepen its commitment to human rights. This calls for a recognition of same sex marriage which carries equal legal and social status. By doing so, we realise the promise of equality which lies at the heart of our historical struggle against all forms of discrimination.

G Speak Press Release - Gay Marriage

Gayspeak hereby takes note with severe unease of the government's new policy of ignoring judgements by the law courts, as highlighted by Judge Nicholson in the recent ARV-case against the Department of Correctional Services.

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