Gender Diversity

Simply male or female? Sometimes it's not as easy as that: gender variations are more common that most people suspect, because many people hide their true nature out of fear for their safety and security.

Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

Did you know? While Good Hope MCC is using the workship space at Central Methodist Mission all our bathrooms are unisex.

Release of the MCC TRANSFormative Church Ministry Program

MCC Transgender Ministries is pleased to announce the release of our local church focused-ministry program entitled "MCC TRANSFormative Church Ministry Program".  This resource is designed for local churches and organizations to enhance ministry to and with transgender and gender-variant people, or to begin a successful ministry from scratch.  Featuring our "Local Church Focused Ministry Plan Workbook", this program walks churches through the identification of leaders, the intentional planning of a new or existing ministry, and quarter-by-quarter ministry planning.  Also, a variety of tools engaging the topics specific to Transgender and Gender-Variant people, such as educational workshops, year-round liturgies, fundraising tools, and partner organization trainings, enhance ministry efforts and support volunteer and professional leadership.


This list of terms is provided for a better understanding of words/ideas associated with the Transgender community at large.  Please note, this list has been compiled from various sources and is always in development.  This list is provided with the intention of offering a general understanding of terms you may encounter while working with or living in the Trans community. 

Trans Etiquette

Welcoming Transgender Communities to MCC

MCC is a wonderful, diverse community of many types of people, from many backgrounds and experiences. 

Throughout our history we have learned to bridge the differences between us and celebrate them. 

Sometimes this has been a challenging and thought-provoking process.

Miss Davina: The Ethopian and Philip (Acts 8)

The Ethiopian and Philip: Acts 8

A contemporary rendition

An angel told Philip to go south to the desert road that runs from Jerusalem to Gaza. So Philip started out on his journey and along the way he met an Ethiopian drag queen, for the sake of argument let's call her Miss Davina Regina. She was tall and dressed in fine fabric and was wearing large gold hoops from each ear and many gold bracelets around each wrist. She was an important government minister, the First Minister of the Treasury, in charge of the economy of Ethiopia and Queen Candance's private fortune. She was important, she was tall, she was beautiful, she was fearsome, and she knew it.

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Good Hope MCC is an inclusive Christian Community in Cape Town, South Africa. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender:
You are made in God's image and are welcome at our Church!