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Since 1990 thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people have been marching the streets of different cities and towns for liberation and justice. Over the years these pride marches have become less about struggles for freedom but more about celebration. Current contestations about pride point to a fractured lgbti community. What is the role and... meaning of lgbti pride in current day South Africa? And can pride address the spates of violence towards those in the community unable to march the streets of their townships?

Hate Crimes Abound across South Africa, but are Poorly Documented

Issued by the Hate Crimes Working Group

New research by the Hate Crimes Working Group (HCWG) shows worrying trends: there is limited and inconsistent documentation of hate crimes in the country, which makes these crimes harder to combat. Despite various advocacy efforts by civil society organisations, real knowledge, expertise and thorough documentation in addressing hate crimes is lacking across all sectors in all provinces.

Dip me in Chocolate and feed me to the Lesbians

Homophobic hate crimes, the state and civil society

by Kerry Williams

This article describes some of the shortcomings in the prosecution of a homophobic hate crime as well as a non-governmental organisation’s attempt to influence the sentencing of the perpetrators. The fact that an NGO believed it was necessary to intervene in a criminal case, was allowed to lead evidence, demonstrated the harmful effects of homophobic hate crimes and made arguments that these effects should be used in aggravation of sentence, suggests that NGOs may take on a new proactive roll in the prosecution of crimes involving some forms of prejudice. The NGO was unsuccessful in that the magistrate ultimately passed a lenient sentence, in the form of correctional supervision. The sentence included a condition that the perpetrators participate in ‘awareness programmes of gays and lesbians’, conducted by civil society rather than the state. In so doing, the court missed an opportunity to respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights of gays and lesbians.

Triangle Project has moved

Triangle Project has moved offices from the Waverley to Elta House.

Their new address is 2nd Floor Elta House, 3 Caledonian Road, Mowbray The new telephone number is 021 686 1475 and the Helpline can be reached on 021 712 6699.

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