MCC Moderator Among Key Faith Leaders to Address Climate Change

As the U.S. government rolled out its historic report on global climate change, it was announced that the Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, the Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, would be part of a team of twenty-one top ecumenical and interfaith leaders to spearhead an effort to mobilize religious communities to address environmental concerns and to provide "how to" guidance and an extensive array of free resources to their networks.

A wave of hate continues to spread through Africa

A wave of hate continues to spread through Africa: Nigeria and Uganda have already been caught up in its surge, and it gathers momentum in Burundi, Cameroon and Tanzania.

This so-called Western import called homosexuality is said to be ripping the fabric of African society, destroying African family values and threatening African culture.

MCC Supports Global Action Against Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Moderator of global denomination urges Uganda's faith and civic leaders to "Stop the Persecution"

As advocates on the ground face growing persecution, with some being forced to flee their homes by people they would otherwise call neighbors, Uganda's Civil Society Coalition issued a Global Call to Action and urged partners around the world to use all forms of media to speak out against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that was passed by the Ugandan Parliament.

Global Church Protests Arrests in Nigeria, Advocates for LGBT People

"Government-sponsored terrorism of its citizens is heinous!" says global faith leader.

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson is the moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, which has ministries in over 40 countries. Dr. Wilson was part of the first LGBT faith delegation to meet with a sitting U.S. president in 1979. She was also a member of President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
The global leader of the world's largest church that affirms lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people condemned the mass arrests and torture of LGBTQ people in Nigeria. The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, global moderator of Metropolitan Community churches, announced a call for all faith leaders and persons of good will to speak out against the brutality being demonstrated by Nigerian officials.

MCC Advocacy: Send a Letter to Ugandan Faith Leaders re Human Rights Violations

Governments around the world take actions against the LGBT Community
Anti-Human Rights Actions in Uganda, Nigeria, India
This past Friday, the Parliament of Uganda passed legislation that further criminalizes the lives of LGBT people there.  The move came as a surprise to human rights organizations, but reflects a multi-year effort to enlist the Ugandan national government in efforts to target  Uganda's growing LGBT rights movement. The Nigerian legislature took action last week to finalize a bill that would outlaw marriage for same-sex couples (including officiating at same-sex weddings), and criminalize actions the government would falsely characterize as the "promotion of homosexuality."  The actions of these countries followed a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of India that decriminalized homosexuality. The Indian Supreme Court overturned a 2009 ruling that removed from the penal code same-sex sexual activity.  These developments must be seen as part of a larger, systemic assault on human rights violations around the world.  As people of diverse faiths and religions observe a season in which we focus on hope, peace, love, and joy, we are called to stand with those who are vulnerable to this hate and to condemn governments that would propagate negative attitudes and sanction acts of violence against them.  

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