If you in need of spiritual counselling, please send us a message via the contact form. Our pastor and a network of other clergy will be able to assist you.

Should you be in immediate need of councelling or in a situation of disstress, please contact

  • The Gay and Lesbian Helpline
  • LifeLine Western Cape

The Gay and Lesbian Helpline

Tel. (021) 712 6699 Monday to Sunday between 1 and 9pm.

Triangle ProjectThis is a telephonic Helpline operated by Triangle Project, which provides callers with a range of information on gay and lesbian issues as well as supportive counselling and referrals for those grappling with issues related to their sexual orientation.

Helpline callers leave their name and number on a pager and are then called back by a trained volunteer counsellor.

The Helpline number is (021) 712 6699 and is operational seven days a week between 1 and 9 pm. During peak periods (December) and at times of crisis the Helpline hours are extended.

LifeLine Western Cape

Tel. (021) 461 1111 (24 hours)

ImageLifeLine offers a 24-hour crisis telephone counselling service, 365 days of the year. Their trained counsellors are available to talk to you and listen to you, no matter what you need to talk about. Confidentiality is the one of the cornerstones of the counselling process. LifeLine respects your right to privacy and no information you give will be divulged without your permission to do so. If you wish to be referred to another agency or specialist, LifeLine can supply you with the details you need - once again this will only happen if you decide that this is the course you want to take.

  • LifeLine also offers the following:
  • Face-to-face councelling
  • Bereavement councelling
  • Trauma de-briefing
  • HIV/AIDS councelling
  • Councelling for children.

LifeLine/Childline Western Cape is an organisation of skilled lay counsellors who are there to assist callers and clients facing a crisis in their lives. The role of LifeLine/Childline Western Cape is to create a safe space for people to share what is happening in their lives.

Disclaimer: Triangle Project and LifeLine Western Cape is are independent organisations and are not affiliated with Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church. We however believe, they offer an important and highly professional service to our community.



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Good Hope MCC is an inclusive Christian Community in Cape Town, South Africa. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender:
You are made in God's image and are welcome at our Church!