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How do I become a Friend of Good Hope MCC?

You visited already our Worship Service? Worshipping our Creator collectively on Sundays is important to us and we are thankful that we could share this privilege with you, our dear friend.

You probably left already your details one of our visitor cards at the welcome table. If not, please speak to one of the members of the Welcome & Information Ministry. This will help us to keep in touch with you from time to time.

If you are interested in regular information about Good Hope MCC? Then please sign up at the bottom of the page for our newsletter.

As a visitor or a friend of Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church we do not ask you for financial support. If you feel, you want to contribute and support the work, ministry and vision of our Church, please check out the donation section.

How do I become a Member of Good Hope MCC?

Membership at GHMCC is subject to the church constitution and is governed and sanctioned by the  Rite of Attaining Membership. 

We offer regular "membership classes" in the beliefs and doctrines of the Church. It is then your choice to take up membership by attending the Rite of Attaining Membership. 

Membership is open to every baptized Child of God. If you have not received the Sacrament of Baptism, please speak to our Pastor so that you may receive the Sacrament.

Rights of Membership

  • Elect Leaders (Pastor, Delegates and Board)
  • Determine ministry direction for the Church
  • Determine how the Church will be governed
  • Participate in Church governance
  • Establish Church budged
  • Receive and give care through this Christian community
  • Receive and nurture new members in fulfilment of the Great Commission  (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Determine ministry direction for the Church

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Attend worship
  • Support the Church financially
  • Be of Service through the Church
  • Demonstrate interest and loyalty
  • Be held to accountability

Financial Support

A "tithe" is 10 % of one's wealth. In Jewish history there were three tithes. The Levite tithe was given to the temple personnel who performed sacred and civic duties ( Numbers 18:20-32). A second tithe was paid for the purpose of religious celebrations ( Deuteronomy 14:22-26). Then, every three years a third tithe was gathered for the welfare of widows, orphans, and aliens ( Deuteronomy 26:12-13).

Although Jesus affirms the practice of tithing, he challenged the legalistic approach taken by the Pharisees of His time, who tithed religiously but overlooked the importance of justice, mercy and faith. Tithing is not mentioned in the earliest Christian Churches, but what is evident is generosity and sharing, which goes beyond tithing.

In Metropolitan Community Churches, members are encouraged to offer a percentage of our income to support the ministry of our church. Each member decides what percentage to contribute each year and grows his/her giving over time, as the member's own faith and commitment grow.

The current annual budget for Good Hope MCC includes monthly running costs of the church:

  • rent for church facilities
  • refreshments for after-church hospitality
  • telephone and e-mail
  • sustaining our ministries
  • tithes to UFMCC

As our giving increases, Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church will be able to expand its ministry to include providing for such things as:

  • Outreach (including a mini-bus to get people to church events, doing advertisements, etc.)
  • Building (which could include having our own worship place, a Church office, meeting and rehear space, classrooms and functions space)
  • Participation in UFMCC conferences and training events
  • Planned support for those in need

Review of Membership Roaster

The Church Council is responsible for reviewing the membership roster at least once a year.

Any member who does not have registered attendance, identified financial support, definite service contribution, and demonstrated interest and loyalty within the preceding period of six month to one year may be removed from the roll of members in good standing and placed on a list of inactive members.

At that time the Board of Church Management shall notify this member in writing that the member has been paced on such a list and is not eligible to vote and any business meeting of the Church.

After notification, if the member has not demonstrated further interest or loyalty for a period of two months immediately following, the Church Council shall have the authority, at their discretion, to drop any such member from the Church roll of members in good standing. The member may be restored to the roll of members in good standing of the congregation by vote of the Church Council without a public reception into membership.

Make a Donation

If you feel, your personal situation allows a donation to our Church, your contribution will be appreciated.

Cash and Cheques

Cash and Cheques can be placed at our offering during the worship service. Cheques are to be made payable to GHMCC or Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church.

You can also post your cheque to GHMCC, Attn. Treasurer, PO Box 51155, Waterfront, 8002, South Africa.

For security reasons, please mark cheques "non transferable" and do not send cash.

Bank transfer

Good Hope Metropolitan Community Church
First National Bank, Woodstock, Cape Town
Account No. 50160046014
Branch Code 20-19-09
Swift-Code: FIRNZAJJ



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Good Hope MCC is an inclusive Christian Community in Cape Town, South Africa. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender:
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