Constitution - Art 9 Pastor


9.  Pastor

(9.1) The Pastor is the UFMCC clergy person with a license to practice who has been called by God and elected by the church to be responsible for the duties of teacher, preacher, and spiritual leader until such time that the relationship is terminated.  The Pastor shall also fulfill such other roles and responsibilities as are stated in the UFMCC Bylaws and the policies of the church.

(9.2) In the event that a UFMCC clergy person is not available to serve as pastor, the church council may request the regional Elder to appoint an Interim Pastoral Leader, who shall be subject to a background check. The term of office of the Interim Pastoral Leader shall be one (1) year. If the Interim Pastoral Leader is a Member of GHMCC, then the Interim Pastoral Leader shall have the authority to fulfill all of the roles and responsibilities of Pastor. If the Interim Pastoral Leader is not a Member of GHMCC, then the Interim Pastoral Leader shall have the authority to fulfill all of the roles and responsibilities of Pastor, except that the Interim Pastoral Leader shall serve as chairperson of the church council and Congregational Meetings, with voice but no vote.

(9.3) The Pastor shall have authority for ordering all worship services of the church and determine when other worship services will be held. The pastor is the spiritual head and protector of the church.

(9.4) The Church Council and Pastor shall develop a covenant between the pastor and the church. The covenant shall include a job description and address such matters as compensation that is consistent with equitable local standards, benefits, allowances, and leave. All provisions of the covenant shall be subordinate to the Bylaws of the UFMCC.

(9.5) To the best of its ability, the congregation shall fund the Pastor’s transportation, registration, and per diem at General and Regional Conferences.

(9.6) Pastoral Search Committee

(9.6.1) In the event of a vacancy in the position of Pastor, a Pastoral Search Committee shall be responsible for presenting a qualified candidate for election at a Congregational Meeting.  The Pastoral Search Committee shall develop and implement the pastoral search process, in consultation with the Regional Elder.

(9.6.2) The Pastoral Search Committee shall consist of six people, elected at a congregational meeting.

(9.6.3) In order to be elected as pastor of Good Hope MCC the candidate presented by the Pastoral Search Committee must receive more than seventy percent (70 %) of the votes cast during a congregational meeting.
(9.7) The pastor and congregation may choose at any time to terminate their relationship through mutual agreement. Unilateral failure to renew the pastor’s contract shall not constitute removal of the pastor from office. No petition for removal of the pastor passed on irreconcilable differences is valid unless preceded by the process of conflict resolution, as referred to in Article 9.


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