Constitution - Art 7 Congregational Meetings


7.  Congregational Meetings

(7.1) Government of the church is vested in its congregational meeting, which exerts the right to control of its affairs.

(7.2) An annual congregational meeting shall be held each year in the month of April. The time and place of the annual congregational meeting shall be determined by the church council.

(7.3) The church council shall notify members through congregational channels at least two weeks in advance.

(7.4) Each member in good standing has the right to vote. Proxy or any other form of absentee voting shall not be allowed.

(7.5) Decisions, including elections, requires approval by a vote of more than fifty percent (50 %) of those members present and voting, unless otherwise required by UFMCC Bylaws or this constitution.

(7.6) In order to transact business, no less than twenty percent (20 %) of the members in good standing must be present.

(7.7)  The agenda for congregational meetings shall be determined by the church council. The agenda shall include, but not limited to,

a) agreement to the items to be discussed on the agenda
b) confirmation of the previous minutes with matters arising
c) election of members to the church council
d) election of lay delegates,
e) presentation of financial report
f) approval of budget
g) receiving reports from the church council and the pastor.

Members may request the church council to add agenda items by submitting additional agenda items to the secretary no later than one (1) week prior to the meeting.

(7.8) All votes for positions shall be taken by secret ballot. Votes of affirmation from the floor are not permitted.

(7.9) Special congregational meetings

(7.9.1) In addition to the annual congregational meeting, special congregational meetings may also be held. Special congregational meetings are governed by the same rules as those pertaining to the annual congregational meetings.

(7.9.2) A special congregational meeting may be called either by

a) majority vote of the church council
b) the pastor
c) a petition signed by at least twenty-five percent (25 %) of the members in good standing and submitted to the secretary.

(7.9.3) The nature and purpose of the special congregational meeting shall be stated in the petition and in notices and be written into the agenda.


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